Hardened and tempered steel strips

Cold rolled steel strips gains higher strength properties through hardening and tempering

Cold rolled coils are passed through series of heating and cooling furnaces to acquire specific properties

This strips is used where parts do not have severe bending and forming Using this strips gives following benefits

  • No part distortion
  • Constant mechanical properties
  • Uniform surface finish
  • No risk of surface decarburizing
Parts made from Annealed strips Parts made from hardened and tempered strips
Blanking /stamping /forming Blanking /stamping /forming
Hardening and tempering
Rework and Inspection
Ready parts Ready parts

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Hardened and tempered steel strips for band saw blades


Steel Grade : C-75 or C-80
Edges : One Round or Both Round
Surface : Bright or Blue Polished
Camber : 2mm maximum in 2 meter length
Hardnes : as per requirement

Hardened and tempered spring steel strip for rolling shutter


Carbon : 0.75 - 0.85 %
Manganese : 0.60 - 0.90 %
Silicon : 0.35% Max
Sulphur : 0.04% Max
Phosphorus : 0.4% Max
Hardness : 45-48 HRC
Tensile Strength : 145-160 kg/mm2

This strips are used in making springs for aluminum roller shutters and steel rolling shutters Springs made from this steel strips give good and consistent performance in rolling shutter operations Fabricating spring from our hardened and tempered steel strips is easy and does not require additional process of softening were hooks is formed.


Hardened and Tempered spring steel strips are used to make wide variety of high quality handtools, gardeners tools and hobby tools.

Our Hardened and Tempered stripsproduced with consistent hardness, goodflatness good surface finish and burr free edges to produce quality hand tools.

This strips made from cold rolled strips and then Hardened and Tempered to customer specifiation, Made from medium and high carbon steel strips. This Hardened and Tempered steel strips are made ensuring that all the parameters such as flatness, hardness, surface finish and edges are suitable to make hand tools.

We produce this strips in steel grade C60, C65, C75 and C80.

This Strips are exported to several countries across globe and people use with pride tools made from this strips.

Hardened and tempered spring steel for collapsible back ground shades


Steel Grade : C-65, C-75 or C-80
Edges : Both Round
Surface : Grey, Briqht or Blue Polished
Camber : 2mm maximum in 2 meter length
Hardness : as per requirement